About Excel


We are primarily a website design business, founded in 2010 - Christchurch, New Zealand. Committed to serving our customers with tidy, professional websites. Since we started we have retained all of our customers, due to our consistency of high standards and our ability to guide clients through their various objectives. Working with our clients we achieve the very best in website designs influenced by our simplistic modern approach. With thousands of hours of experience we are the ideal team to tackle your next project, whether it be web, graphic or video graphic.

SEO Effectiveness

A page authority (PA for short) is a term used to describe the ranking that your website is likely to receive in search engines (such as google), many key factors influence this. Some factors with surveyed perceived levels of importance are outlined below.

# of Google +1's # of Unique links to site # of Facebook engagements URL Anchor text accuracy Analysed trust of domain

What We Do

  • Graphical Design +

    Sleek, tidy, attractive design that proudly puts your business ahead of the pack.
  • Video Production +

    Step your business forward by having an engaging, informative video designed today.
  • 3D Design +

    Explanation on a new level. Engage and astonish your customers with 3D designed models and flyovers.
  • Web Development +

    Designing and building modern, fantastic websites that bring you sales!
  • Domain Registration +

    Securing your branding on the internet is crucial, the benefits are evermore apparent.
  • Hosting Management +

    We provide top quality, enterprise grade hosting based out of the Global Switch Datacentre in Sydney.
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